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May 15-June 21 Birds & Bees: Pollinators and Awareness of Beneficial Insects show -- in our lobby with a closing reception on Fri. June 21 from 6-9 pm.

Art on the Lawn August 10, 2019 -- 10a-5p, Mills Lawn School, 200 S. Walnut St. in Yellow Springs applications available here

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Artisans out and about

The 2014 Art on the Lawn was a huge success.  This was our largest turn out for artists since becoming a juried show.  The weather was fantastic. We had a steady crowd of shoppers, good food, and music.  A big thank you to everyone that came out and supported the event. (Look out for more info and photos in a forthcoming post.) 

While most of the Village Artisans members are still recuperating from last weekend's big event, our own Kathy Moulton has been busy as a bee getting ready for special solo event opening this Friday at the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery.  There's a reception August 15th from 6-9, followed by a special Children's reception on Saturday August 16th from 1-4pm.  The Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery is located right across the street from Village Artisans. Be sure to stop by.

Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery presents:
“I Always Liked to Look at the Pictures!” Books for Children and the Young at HeartWritten and Illustrated by Kathy Verner MoultonAugust 15th-September 14thOpening Reception August 15th 6-9 p.m.
Special Childrens’ Reception Saturday August 16th 1-4Story Time: 1:30 pm and 3 pmInteractive Art Projects and snacks!
This is a show about whimsy and color and poetry and the growth of a deeply creative woman. This show features Kathy’s 5 charming picture books but it could also be a show about Textile Art, Painting or Drawing.
Kathy has always loved storybooks, Walt Disney, coloring books and cartoons. As a young woman, in amongst sewing and painting and drawing, she started creating stories. Along the way she received from many people the gifts of encouragement and the knowledge of how to plan and plot a story. More life and more years passed and more poems came into her head. During these years she married, had children, did her art and learned how to be a draftsman, drawing house plans for local builders, using a computer and AutoCAD. She began to wonder about the possibility of painting on a computer. As with so many of the arts she had mastered, Kathy just figured it out.
“I went back to the rhyme I had begun so long ago about shoes and socks. I worked and reworked the poem and then planned and plotted my characters and drew my drawings. I scanned them into my computer. Even though I wasn't even sure of what I was doing, I managed to paint "You Have to Get All of Your Toes In" on my Mac. I had figured out this wonderful way of painting, with endless colors and layers for characters and scenery.”
Kathy Verner Moulton is an artist, author and illustrator. Like everything else she has mastered, when she decided to publish her books, with the help of her husband, she taught herself how to self publish. So far she has written and illustrated and published five children’s books. She has also created over 60 images of Yellow Springs that are included in her published book, “My Town ~ the Muses of a Not So Vocal Local”. The work is hand drawn and/or drawn on computer and then painted digitally. Born in Detroit, Michigan and then transplanted several times, she finally rooted in Yellow Springs and has lived there most of her life. Working in many areas of art, her focus lately has been on picture books.

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