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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Meet Nicki Strouss

Nicki Strouss enjoys creating both functional and sculptural work. Her vessels reference figures and possibility. These forms are narrative and reference objects caught in an evolutionary trajectory to or from a time and place of baskets, cups or paintings. Reference to function is evident because many of the forms are utilitarian. The repetition of form is my way of understanding each shape or idea in a new medium or combination. Mediums used include high fire clay, wool, paper, wax, and any number of other household implements to create a rich surface that is best experienced when held in hand. The decision to use a variety of materials and process helps vary and enforce the experience and interpretation of the repeated forms and at the same time enhance the visual and physical texture of the pieces. Some forms appear fragile, as if cracking eggs and others look as strong as weathered stones. As containers for thoughts or food, I hope these objects find a happy place to enliven your home.

   Nicki grew up on a horse farm in Lexington, KY and is now home in Columbus after graduating from Columbus College of Art and Design, and earning her 200 RYT from Grow Yoga. She continues to work with local artists and various other learning institutions and teaches ceramics at Columbus Academy, CCAD, and the Craft Museum. She is also a yoga instructor at Balanced Yoga. Other interest and inspiration are from slow food, the outdoors, traveling, and sharing knowledge.

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