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Monday, May 2, 2016

Meet Christine Klinger

 Christine Klinger
Mixed Media – Painting/Photography/Sculpture

Christine’s art interests are many and varied. She started her visual art career in photography, making primarily documentary/photojournalism and Nature images (later writing and photographing for newspapers, and teaching). “I like to make photographs of Nature – human and otherwise,” she says. 

 Christine then spent about 10 years diving into (and later teaching) clay sculpture. “I had been searching for a medium that was more tangible, tactile – and clay met that need completely.”

These days Christine may do or teach either photography or sculpture: “I make photographs often and I occasionally sculpt.  Although,” she adds, “my current obsession is painting.” And when she paints, as expected, Christine has a couple of different styles. “I may make expressionistic abstracts at times, and more impressionistic, plein air landscapes at other times. Some say I have a short attention span, which is probably true, but I simply like to make art when and how the mood strikes me. I follow my bliss.”  

Besides making art, Christine was coordinator of Rosewood Gallery in Kettering, OH, for many years, and former owner of Springs Gallery in Yellow Springs. She and her husband Jim are residents of Yellow Springs. Jim Klinger is a musician, potter, sculptor, and sometimes teacher. More of their work can be seen at: www.klingerart.com, www.klingerstudios.blogspot.com and, occasionally, on facebook. Christine can be reached at cklinger@earthlink.net, through the Village Artisans, 767-1209, or her studio, 767-2346.

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