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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Meet Melanie Gleaves Morrett

Melanie Gleaves Morrett was born and raised in the deep South where she graduated with a BFA degree in Graphic Design, but chose instead to pour her life into creating fine art. Her style for most of her career has been classical, disciplined, and detailed. Recently she has been exploring more contemporary approaches and techniques especially in her printmaking, which includes hand-drawn, inked, and printed etchings, monotypes, and monoprints.

Her life is a journey and her art a journal of images that have stirred something deep within her soul. Each piece is like a page in her life she has recorded and shared so others can see and experience the world through her eyes. She believes a picture is truly worth a thousand words and she has chosen etching ink, pastels, and oil paints to tell her stories. Each work has a unique story to tell and she is happy to share the inspirations behind each one.

Melanie has won awards in both local and national shows. She believe her best art is still inside her and she is filled with great hope and anticipation to become all God has created her to be.

You can view more of her work at www.morrettfineart.com.

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