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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meet Libby Rudolf

I paint color and light in watercolors because it is a way to directly connect with the beauty surrounding us here in Ohio and in the world. I delight in brushing in the shapes, shadows, hues and values which make up the intricacies of a scene. Often, I go walking or bicycling to find a particularly arresting spot. If at all possible, I stay to paint outside, plein-air, because it is by far the best way to achieve immediacy and luminosity with watercolors. Somehow, the feeling of place, person or animal comes alive on my canvas if I am surrounded by their scents, sounds and movements. I’d love to paint the song of the wood thrush.

I have studied art throughout my life, first at the side of my Grandmother Lillian, then in college courses and many workshops with wonderful teachers. I currently live in Yellow Springs where I occasionally teach, lead an art group, do art residencies in the schools and endeavor to paint daily. I belong to several art organizations; Western Ohio Watercolor Society, Fairborn Art Association, Yellow Springs Arts Council. I am part of the Yellow Springs Art Studio Tour 3rd week of October and show in group as well as solo shows in our region.

I am especially fond of two quotes…

“I am conscious of expressing myself by means of light or rather in light…” Matisse

“Color is where our brain and the universe come together.” Cezanne

Libby Rudolf
Libbyr@sapphirecomp.com and libbysart.blogspot.com

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Libby Rudolf said...

I am so glad to join the co-op!