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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meet Libby Rudolf

Artist Statement and Bio – Libby Rudolf

I paint color and light in watercolors because it is a way to directly connect with the beauty surrounding us here in Ohio and in the world. I delight in brushing in the shapes, shadows, hues and values which make up the intricacies of a scene. Often, I go walking or bicycling to find a particularly arresting spot. If at all possible, I stay to paint outside, plein-air, because it is by far the best way to achieve immediacy and luminosity with watercolors. Somehow, the feeling of place, person or animal comes alive on my canvas if I am surrounded by their scents, sounds and movements. I’d love to paint the song of the wood thrush.

I have studied art throughout my life, first at the side of my Grandmother Lillian, then in college courses and many workshops with wonderful teachers. I currently live in Yellow Springs where I occasionally teach, lead an art group, do art residencies in the schools and endeavor to paint daily. I belong to several art organizations; Western Ohio Watercolor Society, Fairborn Art Association, Yellow Springs Arts Council. I am part of the Yellow Springs Art Studio Tour 3rd week of October and show in group as well as solo shows in our region.

I am especially fond of two quotes…
I am conscious of expressing myself by means of light or rather in light…” Matisse
Color is where our brain and the universe come together.” Cezanne

Libby Rudolf

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Libby Rudolf said...

I am so glad to join the co-op!