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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Meet Cynthia McDonald

From neighboring Cedarville, Cynthia has been working with gourds for a number of years and calls it a passion. It takes a year for the canvas of a gourd to be ready to decorate: 6 months to plant and harvest and another 6 months to dry. Cleaning the outside and then the inside is the hardest part. To give the inside a wonderful finish, the gourds are paper lined before they are carved, painted, and/or stained. Some gourds might also get a coil weaving at the rim or more simply a leather stitched rim. Many have feathers, beads, or stones added for adornment.

As a member of the Ohio Gourd Society, Indiana Gourd Society, and Ohio Designers Craftsmen, Cynthia has competed for ribbons and brought home many from the State shows. Village Artisans is one of many places Cynthia's work can be found. If you travel to fine art shows throughout Ohio you may see Cynthia and her gourds. To learn more just check out her website:wildgourdstudio.com

"No two gourds are exactly the same, each has its own hand drawn design. This makes each piece unique and collectable."

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