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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Meet Kathy Verner Moulton

Kathy creates these whimsical and colorful illustrations by painting with digitizer pen on an Apple computer in Photoshop and printing using archival inks and archival matte paper.

Kathy has lived in Yellow Springs since 1972 quietly 
and only peeking a head out now and then. In her coloring book, children's-story-loving mind, she dreamed up the series MY TOWN; the diversity among her characters represents the diversity Yellow Springs longs for and the colors of her canvas represent the beauty that she sees.

Kathy considers herself a true Yellow Springer, sure as if she were born here. These pieces from town are all very dear to her. The puns are her weird sense of humor; the scenes stir up memories and feelings of home.

She wants to continue, as there are many more special shops and places to cover. There are also memories of places long gone like Gabby's or the Bakery on a winter night. "I wonder what characters would be up for a hot donut?"

Oh, and please note: no animals were injured in the making of this art.

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