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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Meet Scott Kissell

At the age of 12 my adventure into the world of photography began when my mother purchased my first 35 mm camera so I could take pictures of our family vacation out West to Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons in Wyoming. This experience changed the way I looked at everything. I was surrounded by beautiful landscapes. I felt compelled to capture these places with my new camera, which allowed me to remember what I felt and to show others what I had seen. As a beginning photographer, most of the pictures I took didn't turn out, but enough did to hold my interest. In fact, it has become a life-long interest. I have dedicated my professional life to photography as a photojournalist, university photographer and fine art photographer.

Years later, my wife and I returned to many of the same places out West. I hoped that this trip would revitalize my creative spirit. I found that what inspired me before to be a photographer did once again. I went to many of the same places I visited as a boy. Spiritual places, I believe, which once again filled my soul with the love for life, the land and photography.

Now photography to me is more than a visual language of communication. It is an extension of my soul, which can touch the viewer's deepest emotions or feelings without saying a word. My need to create images is not only for myself, but for you.

As the famous photographer Ansel Adams said, "The picture we make is never made for us alone, it is, and should be a communication to reach as many people as possible."
I have found that sharing my pictures is one of the greatest joys of being an artist. Thanks for letting me share.


Scott Kissell

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